shadows of two months past

✧ december & january from my camera roll ✧

I get so much joy from assembling my favourite snapshots from the past month(s). Otherwise I would not look back at the pictures in my camera roll as much. Even though the moments have been small, almost unnoticable and slow, they are still beautiful moments in time.

For today’s post I just wanted to drop the pictures here. Let them be there for when we look back. As I always seem to be doing lately.

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a new year

Dear reader, thank you for joining me in (finally) starting this new year. I’ve been inhaling knowledge and exhaling words for my thesis and did not want to push myself even more to also update on here as well. That is why it has been a little quieter from my side, but I still loved reading blogposts from others. I hope you had a good start of the year. And if not, no worries. New starts can always be made if you need them. I feel February will be a new start for me as well, since it means the end of another academic semester and the start of a new adventure. And I feel like I need it. A fresh breath of cool winter air. The one that prickles the inside of your lungs.

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my 2020 goodreads challenge

If there was one thing that kept me entertained during this year (other than uni) it was reading. At the beginning of 2020, I set myself a challenge, a reading challenge on goodreads. It is not a very ~impressive~ number, but next to reading for school it is more than I’ve ever challenged myself: 20 books in 2020.

Especially with the quarantine situation we are all too familiar with, I feel like a lot of people have summoned their inner bookworm again and made time, or had more time, to read. I’ve certainly been inspired by this, but it was also a goal I had for a longer time. Reading always gives me a feeling of longevity. It is as if time goes slower as you skim through the words on paper. It allows me to be absorbed in someone else’s world and their problems and I love to escape.

It was also easier to read because I started a book series that I had grown to love, which gave me 3 more books to enjoy – or devour – during the challenge. So now, I present my favorite reads from 2020!

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5 year anniversary…

… of the blog! a teacup of me is five years old! Five! As you might be able to tell, I am surprised I kept it up this long. But it is all thanks to you, my dearest readers. Although I haven’t (ever) been very constant with posting, you are reading this. Thank you! However scary the internet might sometimes feel, I can always come on here and speak my mind to perfect strangers and blogging friends.

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